23 November 2010

Resentment is What Generates Ratings?

It was a week ago that we proposed creation of a network of media watchers. We asked readers in the 15 countries which have sent the most visitors to the VOA Media Watch to sign up. To say the response has been under-whelming would be too generous. In fact, no one has stepped up. That’s right. No one. Not a single message. Nothing.

So maybe we are going about things the wrong way. Let’s try a different tactic. We’ll put up a statement and see if anyone wants to comment on it. Here goes.

Does the following statement describe the content of any of the news outlets you follow?

“…the news exists in order to generate controversy. And controversy exists in order to generate resentment. And the resentment is what generates ratings… Resentment of whom? Well, a cultural elite that is corrupt and maneuvering behind the scenes to exercise power.”

Send in your thoughts (and we’ll reveal the source of the statement). In the meantime, enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

Most of the so-called "main stream media" is a disgrace to the founding fathers who wanted the "press" to protect the people from the government. Instead, the "press" usually winds up protecting the government from the people.

It no longer matters to me that the leftist "press" has resigned itself to be a propaganda machine for the left. I am satisfied that a great number of real Americans have seen thru the sham of the "main stream media" and we no longer watch or read the leftist diatribe. We consider them the enemy of American freedom.

We do not trust them and many of us have turned to Fox News and other talk radio shows to find the truth.

Alex Belida said...

You guessed it. The author was writing about Fox. Here's the link: