15 September 2008

Journalism and New Tech Trends

Several of us from VOA attended the annual convention of the Online News Association right here in Washington last Friday and Saturday. What impressed us most of all were the statements by several speakers that “the journalism should always comes first” as news organizations worldwide struggle to cope with the ever-growing number of technological applications available to them.

One of the more impressive presentations was called “10 Tech Trends You've Never Heard Of” by Amy Webb, who is a former journalist and now a media consultant.

We won’t go into any detail on her presentation, a summary of which can be found online.

But one of the emerging tech trends with possible journalistic application involves this:
Can anyone out there tell me what this means/says/is? We hope to hear from you soon.


jayanta deka said...

Sir the article is interesting. But frankly speaking I am no way near to solve the 'puzzle'...
Can you help...?

Jayanta Deka
a media student from INDIA..

Alex Belida said...

Stay tuned, Jayanta. We will reveal all in due course. Thanks for writing the News Blog.

Anonymous said...

It's a QR code. I hope soon the blog will get around to discussing the future of shortwave.

Alex Belida said...

That's correct. But it is not the only answer I am looking for. Hint: the QR code contains instructions.