26 August 2008

Drop Everything!

And get right over to our special new US election site! You can’t afford to miss it!

USAVotes2008 is an interactive site. In this election year of unprecedented international interest, this new online meeting place is THE PLACE for visitors to both learn more about the candidates and electoral process --- and to share their own experiences, comments, and questions.

So rush over there, browse the site and join the global community discussing the coming vote. Hey, even if you can’t vote, you can become a part of this fascinating and historic election by making USAVotes2008 a daily stop.


Wise Warren said...

CREDO just e-mailed me that
"Award winning journalist and host of 'Democracy Now' Amy Goodman was arrested by St. Paul police while covering a protest outside the Republican National Convention. Though clearly identified as press, Goodman was charged with 'obstruction of a legal process and interference with a "peace officer."' Two of her producers were arrested for 'suspicion of felony riot.'" Will VOA cover the arrests of journalists at the convention?

Alex Belida said...

VOA has carried several reports on the protests outside the Republican convention, including at least one that referred to the journalist arrests: