04 April 2008

The New Look At VOANews.com

The long-awaited new portal page for VOANews.com is up and running. And it looks terrific! Our congratulations to the entire team who worked so hard on the launch which actually took place Thursday afternoon (Washington DC time).

Less than an hour after the launch, we received an email from a visitor from Senegal:

“Congratulations! I really enjoy your new page! It is splendid! Many happy returns! Yours, sincerely; Papa Assane DIEYE, English teacher SENEGAL.”

We’re glad you like it and we hope all our millions of visitors eventually feel the same way. Internet Director Michael Messinger says the new page is designed to be live and dynamic and notes that it reflects an enormous amount of feedback we have received from past visitors.

So what’s different?

The new portal page features news headlines in five key languages (Chinese, English, Persian, Russian and Spanish) so you can click on the tab of the language you want and explore our worldwide news coverage.

You also can access content in VOA’s 40 other languages more easily by clicking the language you want to view.

Visitors will also have quick access on the new portal page to all of the special services VOA provides, like podcasts and mobile feeds and Learning English.

And we have more flexibility to highlight special news features, like our continuing coverage of the US election campaign.

It is designed to be a user-centric website. So we want your feedback.

E-mail us at newdesign@voanews.com or here at the News Blog.

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