20 March 2008

Tibet: A Story That Can’t Be Censored, No Matter How Hard The Authorities Might Try

VOA reporters have been trying unsuccessfully to get into Tibet to report on the latest disturbances --- even after authorities in Beijing notified foreign journalists in the Chinese capital that they would not approve any applications to go there.

Journalists who were in Tibet when the protests erupted have been expelled. Those who have tried to get close to Tibet are running into major interference.

A VOA Mandarin Service correspondent was stopped by armed security forces when he attempted to enter Tibet to report on developments there. This VOA reporter was actually on a bus heading into the restive area when police boarded the vehicle and checked the identification documents of all those on board. When they saw the VOA reporter’s US passport they told him to get off the bus and turn back. They also deleted the photographs in his digital camera showing checkpoints and security forces.

Chinese authorities are hinting at a trip to Tibet for foreign reporters once the situation has stabilized. VOA has put in its name to go along if the trip ever happens, even though we suspect such a trip, organized by the Chinese government, will likely be a tightly-controlled, stage-managed event.

The Committee to Protect Journalists has called on the Chinese government to halt its efforts to block both domestic and foreign coverage of protests in Tibet. CPJ says actions taken so far contravene media regulations enacted last year that were designed to allow greater freedom to foreign journalists in the run-up to the 2008 Olympic Games.

CPJ says, “As part of its successful 2001 bid to host the Olympics, the government pledged to the International Olympic Committee that it would respect media freedom, but Beijing has failed to live up to that promise.”

The Voice of America has responded to the crisis in Tibet by increasing its broadcasts to the region to six hours daily via shortwave and by doubling its weekly Tibetan-language television programming from one to two hours via the AsiaSat 3 satellite.


Force Kong said...

I orginally thought that our government's strict control of your website was unfair because of the freedom we all desperately voted for. But now I think it is necessary.The tradegy in Tibet claims a lot of injured and damaged.At least 17 inocent victims died.All the U.S official could see are our Chinese government's unwillingness to open talks with the Dalai Lama.Can you pretend to ignore the 17 inocent victims' lives?The U.S.A. is always proud of the dignity of Human rights.The anti-humanity's killing runs in the opposite way!
We never think of opening talks with Bin Laden.Why?So Do you think
it is necessary to talk to Dalai Lama when he is leading and non-stop scheming the anti-humanity's activities in Tibet with the excuse of "Human Rights"?
Your so-called "trusted source of news and information" only show the oppression of the criminals but let our governments effort to make a stable and happy society alone.You just stands on the east coast of the paccific ocean saying some unresponsible words !
I feel so regret and I will keep
focusing on any news on VOA.

Force Max said...

I am a Chinese.Having seen the terrible so-called "protesters" behaving in Tebet,my fmaily were all deeply outraged .(i f you don't believe you can visit http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2008-03/20/content_6553129.htm)
As your words,some VOA journalists
were handicaped in Tibet.Maybe the past passages written by them did not indicate the spirits of newsman--"Justice".But they can use their camaras as an ordinary people to report everything they see all for themselves.As I know, some foreign travellers from Japan were injured in the riots.That means foreign people are permitted to enter Tibet if they behave well.
You must know in the American consulate many people are refused when applying for a visa.I think any countries do not welcome the one who will potentially harm the security(by the form of reporting nagative news).A journalist should report the news wholy,which reflct the facts not only partly.I really appreciate Hilary's bravey to apologize to Obama when her husband eased at Obama'victory in Mississippi.I think it is the time for some VOA journalists to change their image in Chinese government's mind.Behaving properly and reporting more truly can produce a smooth experience in China.Or there may be the refusal when they apply to enter the country next time.
I don't mind if you delete this comments .It is your freedom.As long as you know a youth Chinese's idea, the aim is to get to.

Anonymous said...

Why all the radio frequency can not be received in China? Why?Why?Why?

English to Far East Asia, South Asia, and Oceania
1400-1500 UTC 7125 9760 11885 12150

Anonymous said...

I suggest all the journalists worldwide should listen to the voice of Chinese ordinary people regarding of Tibet Riots.
Some of the journalists are used to think as their own inclination regardless what the truth it is.

Alex Belida said...

William Baum, Chief of VOA's China broadcast service, responds:

VOA welcomes comments about our news coverage and encourages better understanding of these issues. VOA strives to be objective and accurate in all our reporting.

It is unfortunate that Tibetans and Chinese have been killed and injured in and around the Tibetan Autonomous Region. U.S. representatives have condemned all violence in Tibet and asked for a dialogue between Dalai Lama and the P.R.C. government.

Dalai Lama has condemned all violence and repeatedly called for more autonomy for Tibet and respect for Tibetan culture.

Contrary to P.R.C. government reports, Dalai Lama has not called for independence. He is revered around the world as the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism. There are, however, some Tibetan groups that have voiced support for Tibetan independence. The U.S. government recognizes the Tibetan Autonomous Region as part of the P.R.C.

Despite restrictions on foreign reporters inside China, the United States welcomes Chinese, including journalists, to visit the U.S.

bea said...

Only question to world's pepoples:
Why anyone attacks United States but none asks to himself: what's happens in the rest of the world?
You know, American People, that China takes poisons in all her products?
Why none declares his personal war to China rejecting her products?
Not needs embargo, if WE, one by one, reject products of economies founded on dictatorships.
But if American People thinks like the "intellectual" who protects and defends islamic & communist dictatoships, then I stop my words.
Searching OLD common good sense, I go on alone.
God Bless You, dear Voice.
& Special Thanks to you:)

Anonymous said...

I like what you say, BEA. You are right, a lot of chinese products are poisoned, and I make efforts to not consume these products. So, the point is not in making business with China, the question is political. 50 years ago, China invaded Tibet. I was 10. The "free world" did not make a move, but harshly protested with the mouth. I fear that, today, it will be the same way. But who will dare to make war against China ? Is that idea sensible ?
michel blume