15 February 2008

Who’s Visiting the News Blog?

Over the last 30 days, we’ve collected some data on visitors to the News Blog. So far, we have, during that period, had 1,872 “absolute unique visitors.”

And these visitors have come from 110 countries and territories.

The top 10 countries are, in order (and excluding the United States):

South Korea (with 223 visits)
Japan (with 208 visits)
Iran (88 visits)
Vietnam (82 visits)
Canada (78 visits)
Taiwan (55 visits)
Russia (53 visits)
United Kingdom (46 visits)
France (46 visits)
Turkey (42 visits)

The top Latin American country for visits has been Brazil (28). In Africa, the top country for News Blog visitors has been Nigeria (14). In Oceania, it’s been Australia (18).

There have been 35 countries and territories providing a single visitor each so far. They are a diverse group that includes Botswana and Cameroon, Chile and Venezuela, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, Albania and Bosnia.

We’re quite pleased with the diversity shown in these statistics. VOA Internet Director Mike Messinger says: “VOANews.com is excited about our participation in this News Blog. It provides us with another opportunity to engage in a conversation with Internet users worldwide who are interested in the news reporting that VOA has been recognized for over the past 65 years. Using the Internet to reach visitors from over 100 countries is a great way to share our knowledge and hear your voice."

We remain interested in hearing from any of you out there. Let us know if there are any topics you’d like to discuss. Thanks for dropping by.

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